What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Working with Wendy was an absolute pleasure. Her willingness and never-ending effort to create the best attendee experience was an extremely valued component of our partnership. The event industry is constantly evolving, but Wendy’s care, integration of attendee engagement, and overall commitment to maintain a high quality and impactful event experience never changed. She is truly one of the best event professionals, for both live and virtual events, in our industry."

~ Stephanie Lindo, Business Development Manager, Heroic Productions, October 2020

" In 2018, I worked with Wendy Porter on a leadership meeting for a health care CEO who was new to the job. This dynamic new leader was determined to use the event to catalyze change in the organization. The stakes were high and Wendy was up to the challenge. She assembled an A-list team and went to work to create an event that exceeded her new client's expectations. It was a delight to work with her on this project. Wendy Porter is a tour de force. If you want someone to think strategically about your event and execute it flawlessly, she's the one you should call. Wendy's attention to detail is unmatched, she doesn't leave an idea un-explored, and her events drive results. What's more, Wendy is unflinchingly honest, has the "get-it-factor" X10, and is a lot of fun."

~ Martha Pettee, Managing Partner, Creative Director, Story Stick Marketing

" TripleTree collaborated with Wendy Porter Events and Change Healthcare at the 2016 Ryder Cup. Throughout the process,

Wendy Porter demonstrated her command of the event management discipline and brought her attention to detail and passion for

flawless execution to the engagement. As we consider future special events, Wendy Porter Events will be an organization we look

to for leadership and guidance.”

~ Michael Carroll, TripleTree Chief Marketing Officer

"Thank you for hosting us in your home town this weekend! What a remarkable, memorable, and world-class event.  The Ryder Cup provided a great setting for us to spend quality time with our guests.  The event helped strengthen our relationships with a very important partner and will surely create new opportunities for us going forward.  Simply a fantastic job."

~ Steve Aylward, Senior Vice President, Change Healthcare

"Wendy Porter is the greatest conductor of an event orchestra that an organization could ever ask for. From the very beginning of the planning effort, I felt safe, supported and energized concerning the entire production. Wendy goes above and beyond any expectations I could have in preparation, execution and expert guidance. Wendy sets the highest standards for any event I have ever been a part of, and the manner in which she demonstrates a company’s brand, values, social responsibility and conduct is powerful. She exemplifies the shadow of a leader in way that all organizations could and should emulate. Hire Wendy Porter Events, LLC – You will be in great hands with Wendy as your conductor."

~ Dr. Jamie Huysman, Vice President, Provider Relations, WellMed

Wendy Porter is probably the most inspired, versatile and tenacious marketing person I’ve ever worked with. She has vision and wonderful ideas about how to promote everything from a person, to a product, to an entire corporation -- And then she works magic to make it happen. Throughout the decade that I have worked with Wendy, I have learned that she knows what she wants, gives good strong direction, and has a wonderful eye for design and color. And she doesn’t stop until it’s right. She brings life and fun to events in wonderful ways, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend working with Wendy on any event, from the small to the large... she "gets it" and gets it done!”

~ Cathy Sletten, Creative Designer, Marinan Group, Inc.

“Wendy brings order to chaos. She makes the difficult look easy. She thinks of the things that might go wrong long before they do and puts contingency plans in place. She thinks on her feet and leaves no detail to chance. I have had the privilege of working with Wendy at events from the small to the enormous and I always walk away wondering how she does it. She is not only like magic, she is magic.”

~ Dawn Martin, Marketing Manager, UnitedHealthcare

“Wendy and I worked together for 13 years on the annual AARP Life@50+ member event. Wendy is one of the best event planners I know, and it is my pleasure to recommend her work for any sort of event planning opportunity. Throughout her years of planning the UnitedHealthcare Platinum Sponsorship of the AARP member event, she set and demanded high expectations of everyone around her the challenge was for all of us to rise to it. The end result was that all of our stakeholders, Board Members, speakers, media and most importantly, our AARP members and their guests, could have the very best experience possible. Over the course of those 13 years, these high expectations have made me a better professional, and I have learned much by following Wendy's example. If I were in a position to hire Wendy, I would do it in a New York minute."

~  Ernest “Chico” Rosemond, Former Director, Sponsorships & Exhibits, AARP

“Wendy is a visionary corporate events professional. She knows how to quickly understand the needs of a customer, translating an event into an experience that will be remembered for years. She is a connector and has a network of top-quality professionals that trust and rely on her expertise. If you need someone as your 'go-to' event specialist  Wendy will WOW you every time!”

~  Jill Sweiven, Business Development Consultant, CPPM, Cheval Partners

“Wendy and I worked together for more than 11 years at UnitedHealth Group. Wendy demonstrated incredible leadership as she led years of events that we worked on together for the UHG/AARP relationship. Wendy would be an asset to anyone she works with in the future.

Here are just a few examples of where Wendy shines:

Cross functional teamwork skills – listening to the needs of other team members and their areas of focus, and translating that information into meaningful event activities;

• Organizational skills – ability to pull together 1000’s of details to deliver a seamless event, time after time;

• Remaining calm under pressure – successfully collaborating with personalities at all levels of the organization including C-level executives, handling booth emergencies and unpredictable hiccups;

• Presentation coordination – optimizing each session across a multitude of presenters, while still maintaining legal and regulatory compliance."

~  Cindy Halstenson, Clinical Manager, Blue Cross / Blue Shield of MN